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I’d like to know if there is a possibility of integrating search functionality here? In case of, can you guys in the future add that as optional? I like the idea of the FAQ, however, it would be nicer if there’s a search functionality there especially if the FAQ list are more than 20 faqs.

Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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The feature has been implemented! :tada:This is how you will find the new option:

  1. Go to your widget’s Layout tab
  2. Switch on Show Search Bar option in order to display search in the widget

Feel free to check this and other features of FAQ app in our FAQ online demo (Website Accordion FAQ widget (Fast and easy) - Elfsight Apps) !

If you have any thoughts and comments concerning this new option, you are welcome to share them with us in comments! :blush: