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My friend has this question

I am wanting to set up a long, detailed form on my website for clients to fill in at the beginning of their project that captures their whole brief for the work ahead. I imagined this being set up on my website and I share the link with them to complete it. However, I then had the concern that, because the form is long (approx. 30-50 questions), they will likely need time to complete it over a number of days. Is there a way to set up a form that they can save their progress and return? Either with code or embedding google forms or something like that?

In short, Does Form Builder have a Save feature, so users can save their information and fill in the remaining fields next time? I tried finding all options in Form Builder but don’t see this.

Thank you

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Hi @tuanphan :wave:

This is a really cool suggestion but pretty much difficult to implement, too.

We see that this feature would be beneficial for our users and we’ll try to think it over in our future updates. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your idea with us, it’s highly appreciated :heart:

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