Salesforce CSP Trusted Site?

Hello, I am trying to add a widget for the first time on my Salesforce Fonteva Event website. I am running into an issue with security. I have been told I need to add the Elfsight address to my CSP Trusted Sites but it will not accept this address:

If I use a CSP accepted website ( the widgets do not appear. Does anyone know how to get my widgets to appear - is there a different website I should use in CSP Trusted Sites?


Hello @user1578! We are extremely happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :tada: :heart_hands:

I am terribly sorry that you are facing difficulties with our app :pensive:

Your case is quite complicated and we need some extra detail to find out the reason for the issue, that’s why we’ve contacted you at k*** in a support ticket.

Please check your inbox.

We’ll be looking forward to your reply in a support ticket