Reviews for Vitals and More Doctor Sites!

Please add functionality for Vitals, Zocdoc, WebMD, and other popular doctor review sites. Thank you!

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Hi @user2057, thanks a lot for your suggestion, and welcome to the Community Forum! :tada:

I see your point, and I’m really sorry that our app is lacking doctor reviews sources at the moment :frowning:

Since we release new features one by one, it would be great to have a separate request for each idea. We already have a request for ZocDoc source and WebMD source - feel free to vote for them to get the updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s truly appreciated!

Thank you for your thorough response, Helga! I will upvote these links :slight_smile:

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@user2057 thank YOU for helping us! I’ll be happy to see you around, feel free to look around and take part in our discussions or initiate yours :slight_smile: