Pricing table customization help

I am trying to do some customization with the Pricing table and assume I will need some custom CSS…but that is outside my paygrade.

Here is our webpage with the current iteration of my pricing table:

There are a couple of things I want to do:

  1. Change the font size of the Head Column
  2. Allow for different features within each column based off of which toggle is selected
  3. Change the padding for the columns as well (trying to make the head column more narrow)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I’m so sorry for the late reply, but I’ll be happy to help you with the customization!

1-3. To change the font size and the padding for the first column, please replace your current code with the following one:

.eapps-pricing-table-column-1 .eapps-pricing-table-column-features-item {
   font-size: 25px !important;
   line-height: 28px;

.eapps-pricing-table-column-1 .eapps-pricing-table-column-features-item-inner {
  padding: 8px 10px;

You’re most welcome to adjust the values the way you need :slight_smile:

  1. Much as I’d love to help, unfortunately, such a behaviour is not supported in our Pricing Table widget. However, we have such a request in our wishlist, and you’re most welcome to vote for it here: Features specific to Annual subscription | Feature Wishlist.

Please let me know if it helped or if there’s anything else I could do for you!