Pricing Plan sliding scale on Apps

Would be good to have a sliding scale as currently 1 app or all 84. Could you price it for 1, 5, 10, 25 and then All?

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Phil, do you mean you’d love us to provide different Pack plans?

If so, we did have such an experiment with two apps in the pack and three apps in the pack, but it didn’t pan out. So we reverted everything back :slight_smile:

But I do see your point and I personally love this idea. I’ll talk to the team and at least pass this suggestion over to them for future consideration :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing! We love discussing things with you, so you’re most welcome to share everything you have in mind!

Phil, I’ve talked with the team, and now I can explain why we provide only All-apps pack :slight_smile:

If you need, let’s say, 2 or 3 apps, you are welcome to create separate subscriptions for them. But if you need 3+ apps, we really recommend you have a look at Pack plan since it goes for the price of 4 separate apps, but gives you access to 84 apps + future ones.

I know that you might not need all of them now, but who knows what’s going to happen? Perhaps it won’t hurt to have them all at hand just in case, given the price :slight_smile:

Anyways, we’re happy to hear your thoughts on this!

Hi Helga, i tried replying on my email but they bounced.

Yes some that is more than 1 or less than 84. I’ve seen about 10 I’d like to use so thought it would be useful to have a smaller sample. I agree that 1 or 2 or 3 would be an issue but may be just 3 options. You could have a price for 1, then 25 and then all. The price just from 1 to 84 is quite a bit for casual bloggers or small sites 15-25 is probably about right and then upgrade from 1 to 25 (what ever the difference is). Also if you had a middle options you’d get more money than 1 and you actually get some as people wouldn’t necessarily buy all 84.

For one app (I now understand Apps and Widgets) $5 is not bad, even better with that 30%, which was why I tried it. But for £10 month and getting 25, I’d do that, plus you’d double your money and most would only use 5-15 apps in reality. Put it this way, if that was done now and with the 30% I’d pay for it today, but £15 (sorry $15) is just pushing it a bit for the moment.

Cheers Phil.

Hi Helga,

just replied to the other email. I think my feeling is that it would be unlikely I’d need more 15 apps, especially as it’s only a blog and I might use one or two on my site when it’s done (QR code mainly) but most of the apps probably aren’t relevant to me.

Really do think a middle option would be good. My feeling is the issue with 1 or 84 is that 1 feels expensive (especially compared to the 84) but 84 feels wasteful as I/they could never use that many so you feel like your paying extra for something your no using. It’s purely a physiological thing and I reckon if you offer a middle £/$10 option for 25 most would buy it as they use at least 5 or 6 with the potential to use another 10 in the future.

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Hi @PhilTheHat and thanks a lot for your opinion!

I see the logic in your words and to be honest I love your idea about a middle Pack plan. Although I cannot promise the implementation itself, I assure you that I’ve already shared this thread with the team for future consideration.

Who knows, maybe we’ll add a middle Pack plan as an option in the future :slight_smile:

We do appreciate your suggestions and help, we mean it!

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Hi Helga,

hopefully they can see the light :grinning: