Popup: Expand your widget's functionality with Custom JS

We are super excited to share this update with you! Now, Custom JS option is available in our Popup widget :fire:

With the Custom JS option, you can add extra features to the widget by writing your own script. You don’t need to reach out to our devs, as you have the freedom to customize it yourself.

Important: Custom JS operates only upon widget installation, but not in preview mode.

You can find this option at the very bottom of the Settings tab:

Custom JS Editor has a Validate button, which allows you to check the code validity.

Reminder: the code entered is the body of the function that will be executed when the widget loads on the page. Do not include any <script> tags.

Guys, if any questions come up, don’t shy away to ask them in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, one of our cool tech members has shared a code that will help you hide a Popup widget on scroll!

Feel free to check it out here: [TUTORIAL] Hiding your Popup widget on scroll :fire:

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