Payment for invoice or more with stripe API πŸ”₯

It will be nice if you can create an payment form where you can send automatically email to a customer with the payment link and payment information where the customer can pay the invoice, maybe you can connect with Stripe API :disguised_face:


@Lumenimage thanks a lot for sharing your idea!

I must note that although it sounds really smart and convenient, it seems to be a very complex one as well. I’m not sure that this is something we could develop shortly, but maybe we will be able to consider it in the future :slight_smile:

Many thanks for helping us, your contribution is highly appreciated!

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I new it’s complex but I think that is an really good feature so that will help a lot of elfsight customers.

Maybe you can bring this topic up to the community so that they can tell their opinions :smiling_face:

Absolutely, I can imagine how many users could benefit from such an option!

Let’s see how popular this request is going to be, perhaps we’ll really bring attention to this idea when we feel that we can allocate enough resources for the development :slight_smile: