Option to automatically adjust image size in popup

Currently, the Portfolio widget does not have an option to automatically adjust the size of images when opened in a lightbox. This is an issue for users who have images of different sizes, as they need to manually adjust them or use JavaScript or CSS code.


We request the implementation of an option in the Portfolio widget that allows for automatic adjustment of image size when opened in a lightbox. This option could be:

  • A selector that allows choosing between different predefined sizes (e.g., “Fit to screen size”, “Fit to 512x768”, “Fit to 1024x1024”).
  • A text field where the user can enter a custom size.
  • A checkbox that allows the user to maintain the original aspect ratio of the image.


  • This new option would make it easier to manage portfolios with images of different sizes.
  • It would save time and effort for users who do not have JavaScript or CSS knowledge.
  • It would provide a better user experience when viewing images in a lightbox.

Example of use case:

I have a portfolio with images of different sizes: 1024x1024, 512x768, and 3K. Currently, I have to manually adjust the size of each image for it to look good when opened in a lightbox. This is a tedious and time-consuming process.

If there was an option to automatically adjust the image size, I could select “Fit to screen size” and all images would be displayed correctly without any manual intervention.

Thank you:

Thank you for your attention to this request. We hope you will consider implementing it in a future version of the Portfolio widget.

Additional information:

  • I have tried using JavaScript and CSS code to adjust the image size, but it does not always work and it is tedious to have to place code for each image.
  • This issue only occurs when opening an image on desktop. Images look fine on mobile devices.
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Hi @Savitar :wave:

Thanks a bunch for such a detailed comment, it’s extremely helpful!

I completely get where you’re coming from, and I couldn’t agree more about the automatic adjustment of the image size in the popup- it would be a great enhancement!

We’ll have your idea in mind, and I really hope our devs will find a way to add it to the widget. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

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