No code font changing

Some widgets allow you to easily change the font but most do not. Sometimes you can easily change the font with custom css (with GPT) and others you cannot, you must use Inspect, find the element and alley oop to GPT (Digital Lebron).

Please make it super easy for all non-coders to change the fonts of all the widgets without custom css. Always provide an option for Lato. This is the the only font I use. Many thanks!

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@Dreemr We couldn’t be happier that you’ve decided to join our ranks, welcome :wave:

Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome idea with us!

We completely understand your desire to make font customization as simple as possible for everyone and this is something we are actively working towards.

To make sure we’re on the right track, could you please specify which widgets you find most in need of font customization options? Your feedback will help us set priorities and make the necessary improvements :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes ofcourse, far as I know

Widget has no-code font customization

  • WhatsApp Chat widget (but no lato)
  • Radio (but no lato)

Widget does not have no-code font customization

  • FAQ
  • Price list
  • File embed (this w-as the trickiest)

If possible I would I would simply add a “font” option inside the “appreance” of all the widgets. The font should override the whole widget to a single clean and modern font like Lato.

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Thank you soo much for such a valuable feedback!

We’ll do all our best to consider this in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face: