NEW WIDGET is here: Say Hello to Instagram Chat! 🚀

You’re right, it’s been a while since we released our last widget! That’s why we’re super psyched to present our brand-new Instagram Chat widget! :heart_eyes: :clap:t2:

Instagram Chat: What is it?

We believe Instagram is an integral part of our lives now, thus having an Instagram-like chat tool on your website can surely enhance the trust and interest of your visitors.

Let your prospect customers contact you whenever needed, in a familiar and convenient chat window. Feel free to test it out in our online demo!

The list of key features

  • Three variants of chat positioning on the page

  • Define your target audience

  • Display the chat where it performs best

  • Set a chat-opening trigger

  • Fully customizable text elements

  • Make your chat match your website design

  • and more!

Do you think you’re going to use Instagram Chat on your website? Any feedback or suggestions on the widget? We’ll be happy to hear from you! :star_struck:

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