Monthly Digest Newsletter: Thanks a lot for your Feedback! ❤


Your opinion about our Monthly Digest newsletter is crucial, so feel free to speak your mind here :slight_smile:

  • Do you find such a newsletter useful?

  • What else you’d love us to shed light on?

  • Any other suggestions or recommendations?

Any comments are more than welcome! :raised_hands:t2:


This is so cool, guys!

I am always super excited to read the newsletter from you. It makes me love Elfsight more and more!

Thank you, Helga, and the whole Elfsight team for those heartwarming messages in our mailboxes. :heart:

@Liubov thanks a million for such warm feedback, we’re super happy to hear you loved our newsletter!! :heart_eyes:

It’s really important for us to hear from you, it’s you who inspire us to keep going, after all! :slight_smile:

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Hello. Please unsubscribe me from all emails. I click unsubscribe under each email and nothing happens. Thank you.

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Ok cool thats good to know since am new here to learn

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Thank you so much for your comment, @Richard_Zuh :heart_eyes:

It’s really important to know that our newsletter is useful for our customers :slight_smile:

We’ll try to work in this direction to make it as cool and informative as possible!

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Hi @user3222, I’m so sorry to hear that :frowning:

We’ll make sure to check it out, so thank you very much for letting us know!

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