Meet Public CSS Codes category! 👏🏻

Friends, we realize that default settings may not cover every use case, and sometimes you might need a more tailored solution: :dart:

To this end, I’m happy to present a :sparkles: CSS Codes :sparkles: category, where you will find the most popular codes to customize your widgets even further!

How to work with the category

It’s super easy, worry not:

  1. Once you’re in the category, choose the widget you need a code for.

  2. Look through the list, or use the search bar to find the needed code faster.

  3. Choose the most suitable solution and go test it in your widget!

Can I add CSS codes myself?

You absolutely can! If it’s not something extra proficient, you’re most welcome to share your codes and help other users this way :raised_hands:t2:

I didn’t find the code for my use case

Not a problem at all! Just describe your idea in our Customization category, we’ll try our best to find the most appropriate solution for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, if you have any ideas or thoughts to share, please do! I really love this new category and hope it will be of great help for many of you :heart_on_fire:

Folks, we’re going to add more widgets as we go, of course! But for now feel free to check out the CSS codes already added there :slight_smile: