Links on Testimonials Slider

I would like to make the “Social Profile URL” or “Website URL” to go to an email address using “”, but it currently just goes to the website. Is there a workaround for this to link to an email message?

I cannot link to the page because it is on a private member Portal for my organization.

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Hi @Adam_Moseley :wave:

I am afraid it’s hardly possible, but I’ll check it with our devs and let you know if anything can be done :slightly_smiling_face:

@Adam_Moseley Are you going to use the same email for all testimonials?

No, I want to use different email addresses for different posts. Not all the same email. I am using the testimonial slider in a different way than “testimonials”. I am using it for announcements within our school, linking each announcement to an email for follow up questions.

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Got your point!

Unfortunately, there is no option to customize the widget this way. I am so sorry!

However, I agree that your idea is truly great and we’ll do our best to consider this feature in our future updates. We’ll keep you in the loop :wink: