LikedIn-Feed - Filters are not saved (exlude posts)

  1. All Posts are still showed, also the excluded
  2. This Filters (excludes posts) are not saved and at the next call there are none left
  • Link to the page with the widget in question:


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Hi @Marcel_Gay :wave:

The posts aren’t excluded because you are using incorrect link format.

Here are the correct links:

1 -

2 -

Here is how you can get these links:

I understand that it might be not very intuitive, and I am sorry for any confusion caused :pensive:

Please check the links and let me know how they work.

Yes, thanks has worked.
The thing with the deleted filter I have also found out, if you press the LinkedIn URL "Apply* all filters are deleted, even if the URL has not changed.
Will not operate here apply in the future.

Could you please elaborate on the deleted filter matter and send me a screenshot of the issue?

I’ll be happy to investigate it for you!