Let users switch temperature scale

Share your C/F Celsius or Fahrenheit letter display on top to be able to see which scale is used prefereably swithchable.

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Hi there @Rafayel_G and welcome to the Community :wave:

Currently, you can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature unit to display and the temperature is displayed at the top of the widget:

Or you need a toggle for switching the temperature scales above the forecast?

Yes I know. I have everything to toggle through admin interface, But I don’t see the letter (C/F). And I want the user to have options to change between F/C.

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Goy it!

To display the C/F letters you need to enable “Display Temperature Scale” setting on the Style tab:

As for the option for users to switch the temperature scale, we’ll try our best to consider this option in the future. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the tip! It works, but the option for users to switch between F/C would help too.

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