Let us attach attribution links to our Amazon reviews

Amazon now allows the use of attribution links and they pay 10% of anything anyone might buy for 24 hours after doing that. Since our Amazon reviews link to Amazon it seems like this would be a no brainer to allow us to add these to the outbound links and benefit from the now wasted potential revenue from sales.

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That’s a very reasonable suggestion, thank you for sharing @Big_Mark!

To tell the truth, we had a couple of attempts to search in this direction, but could not find a smooth solution. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to abandon this request, it just appeared to have been more complicated :frowning:

Anyways, I’ll keep in the loop should any news come up.

Thanks a lot for your help and yes, welcome to the community! We’ll be happy to see you in the threads :slight_smile:

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Hey @Big_Mark :wave:

Great news! Affiliate links for Amazon sources are supported now: