Keep the AI-generated review fixed while the individual reviews scroll

The AI-generated review provides a great summary and is very valuable to a reader, hence I’d like to keep it front-of-mind in the reviews. The individual reviews are of course valuable but they are binary, so it’d be useful for them to scroll (either via the arrows or auto-scroll), keeping the AI version on the screen. So, on a full laptop screen, I see five reviews - one AI generated, four individual; the AI stays on the left while the other four scroll. (On a mobile where only one is visible, then the AI version will need to scroll with the individual reviews.)

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Welcome to the Community @James_Anthony :wave:

A huge thank you for such a detailed description of your use case!

Your suggestion definitely makes sense. We’ll try to think it over in our future enhancements and I’ll be posting here in case of any news :slightly_smiling_face: