Jumping photos in Photo Gallery widget

Anyone else seen this happening? I’m using the photo gallery widget in Google Pages. Expanding the widget box on the page sometimes fixes it but that also depends on what zoom level/screen size the user has. Link to video as I can’t upload it here: Jumping photos widget

Not sure if this is an Elfsight fix or a Google Pages problem.

Hi Narelle and welcome to the forum!

Please accept my apologies for the late reply, it was a local holiday here, you know :pray:t2:

I’m really sorry that you have issues with our widget, but I’m afraid we need temporary access to your website in order to fix it for you.

I see that you’ve already opened a support ticket, so could you please provide this info there? Our support agents will be delighted to pass your request over to our developers so that they iron everything out.

Thank you!

Just wanted to update that Helga reached out to me with some code to use in the widget to help with the jumping photos problem. So far it seems to be working. Thanks Helga. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you for the update, Narelle!

I believe it was my colleague Irene who saved you with the code, and I’ll definitely let her know that you’re happy with her solution :slight_smile:

Have a great user experience, and see you around!

You’re right! It was Irene. Thanks for letting her know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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