integration is a maturer alternative/challenger to Zapier and is being used by an increasingly large community. Please consider integration with Integrately. Thanks

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Amer, thanks a lot for your suggestion!

Which app you’d love to integrate with Integrately, please?

I was thinking of placing captured lead info from Elfsight leadforms/quizzes/surveys to be placed in Googlesheets and autoresponders using either Integrately or Pabbly Connect. But there are other automations possible as well. Integrately and Pabbly Connect are Zapier alternatives and they cost a lot less than Zapier. I find Zapier pricing to be ridiculously high.

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I see your point, Amer, thanks a lot for the details!

We’ve just released an integration with Zapier (I guess you know about it from this post), perhaps our devs will find it optional to think about Integrately, too :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on the progress here.

Many thanks for your help!