Instagram Feed: Video posts got new type of preview images

We are happy to announce that now we use a new type of preview images in video posts of our Instagram Feed!

Previously, we used thumbnail type images, which could be cropped to a 1/1 aspect ratio. The new type of images maintains the original aspect ratio, and also has a higher resolution.

Note: There are no visual changes in the widget, the images get cropped by default. However, now we’ve got an option to use CSS code to make these video post previews display in their original view.

Here is the CSS code you should add to the Custom CSS field on the Style tab of your widget settings:

.eapps-instagram-feed-posts-item-image-wrapper {
 background-color: #000;

img.eapps-instagram-feed-posts-item-image {
 top: 0 !important;
 transform: translateX(-50%) !important;
 height: 100% !important;
 width: auto !important;
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