Individual URL for each member

It would be great to have a unique URL for each team member in order to link content of the website to each profile.

Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Thanks for adding your idea!

However, I believe we already have such an option.

Please go to your widget’s Content tab → choose a member → Contact information → Website.

Please let me know if it helped or if you have other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Original comment transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hi Miguel and thanks a lot for the details provided!

Now I do see your point and I can say that your idea does sound interesting.

We’ll be happy to see what options we have for this feature implementation. And if you come up with any other thoughts regarding this functionality, please don’t hesitate to share them here.

Thank you for your help!

Original comment from Chris Leng transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hi Chris and thanks a lot for your suggestion!

I guess your variant has a point, and we’ll try to take it under consideration when we start working on this request.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Helga, Community Manager

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