Import events from an existing Google Calendar

Hi @Alex6, welcome to the community! :tada:

Yes, the feature to sync the Event Calendar with your Google calendar is added to our Q1—Q2 roadmap. We’ll try our best to make it happen as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Any update on when this will happen? Will it only go one way, so importing events from the google calendar or will it also be possible to populate the google calendar with the events created in the widget?

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@user2143 this request is included in the Q1 roadmap, so we expect to release this option within a couple of months :slight_smile:

I guess there will be only import option, but if it’s not the best solution for you, could you please describe your use case so that I have a bigger picture?

Thank you and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :tada:


How do I connect the calendar events in the elfsight calendar widget to my google calendar?

Thank you!

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@Ruben thanks a lot for your comment and for your interest! And my apologies for such a late reply :frowning:

At the moment there is no option to connect our Event Calendar to Google calendar, but I’ve moved your question to the Wishlist, where we’re discussing the options for this request and where I post updates.

Although we don’t have a concrete ETA at the moment, I really hope our devs will be able to roll out this feature in one of the future updates :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Elfsight Community, by the way! We’re happy to have you with us :slight_smile:

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yes please update me too. very interested. thanks~

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Sure thing!

Welcome to the community, by the way! :slight_smile:

Hi @Helga. How are things looking with connecting Elfsight to Google Calendar? I believe you mentioned Q1 roadmap, and expected release rather quickly (couple of months). Thanks in advance on your reply.

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Hi @user3120, welcome to the Elfsight community and thank you for your interest!

Yes, I’m afraid we couldn’t make it during Q1, thus this feature development was moved to Q2 :frowning:

I assure you we’re doing everything possible to deliver it sooner rather than later, I’ll keep you updated here.

By the way, feel free to check out our latest big update, perhaps you’ll find these implementations useful :slight_smile:

Hello. How are things looking on the Q2 Rollout for Google Calendar sync?

Hi @user3120 :wave:

At the moment, this feature is at the design stage. Our devs are doing all their best to release this functionality as soon as possible. However, unfortunately, we can’t give any release dates.

We’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for understanding!

Any news with regard to this?

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I’m afraid nothing concrete as of now, I’m very sorry, @user2143 :frowning:

I know that our devs have this request in mind, but no specific ETA is set at the moment. But I’ll let you know in case of any change :raised_hands:t2:

Hello. Checking in to see where we are on this updated. Thanks

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Hi @user3120, thank you for your interest!

Even though we’ve been working on this request, we’ve had to adjust our approach slightly. Our developers are now focusing on creating a universal data service which is going to be the best ground for this feature as well.

This way, we decided to finish the data service first and then continue working on the import functionality. I wish I could provide an ETA, but I’m afraid I don’t have any info in this regard :frowning:

But I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop here :pray:t2:

Hello. How is the progress of the new approach going?
Can we get a new ETA for this? I know I have clients waiting on this specifically.

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Hi @user3120, I wish I could share anything at this point, but I’m afraid the timeline is still unclear :frowning:

I still believe I’ll have something engaging to share some time later :pray:t2:

Would also love to see this. In particular having it sync in real time is important to me. I don’t want to just import. I want it to stay up to date with a Google or iCloud calendar.


I see your point, thanks a lot for sharing, @BuckAndrewJ!

I must say that this request is really hard to implement, but your thoughts are very much appreciated, as our devs do check the threads when working on features. So let’s hope your comment will be considered :slight_smile:

I’m not a programmer so I’m not sure why this is so difficult, but for those who are needing this functionality, I found it through another programs. I was hoping Elfsight would be able to do through one of their widgets.