How to hide a project on Squarespace

To hide a project on Squarespace Portfolio Page, you can follow these.

#1. First, find project item url
Hover on each item > Click 3 dots > Settings

See General > URL Slug

In my example, we will have:

  • /portfolio01-gridsimple/project-01
  • /portfolio01-gridsimple/project-02

#2. Use this code to Custom CSS box to hide a project on Portfolio Page
Code here will hide both projects: 1 and 2

/* Portfolio - Grid Simple + Grid Overlay */
a.grid-item[href="/portfolio01-gridsimple/project-01"], a.grid-item[href="/portfolio01-gridsimple/project-02"] {
    display: none;

/* Portfolio - Hover: Follow Cursor + Hover: Fixed + Hover Background */
a.portfolio-hover-item[href="/portfolio01-gridsimple/project-01"], a.portfolio-hover-item[href="/portfolio01-gridsimple/project-02"] {
    display: none;

#3. Note

  • This code will not hide item in Pagination
  • Even if you use code to hide items in Pagination, other items will not automatically fill in the blanks. For example, you have 2 items on the left - right, if you hide the item on the left, it will show white space later. So you can consider hide whole pagination.