How to get rid of gaps in the features for pricing table?

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone knows how to remove the gaps in the pricing table?

Thanks heaps!

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Hi @user1228, I’m very sorry for the late delay :((

There is a way to align each column’s features by content separately, but I need to see your widget first. Could you please send me the link to your widget?

I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

Hey @user1228 I just looked at the price table and i think i found the option there under the menu item Layout. There you have 3 options. choose Grid and you have no more gaps between them. :call_me_hand: :sunglasses: Have a nice Day

Oh yeah, if the question was about the gap between the columns, then @Dirk is absolutely right!

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Hey @Helga You are right, it could also be that @user1228 created the first table and then duplicated the other 2 and then forgot to delete the created rows, but only deleted the content. That would be good if that were adjusted, just by a hint sometimes the empty lines are useful in the design. but now I’m also curious =P to the answer from User1228. :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:

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I’ve tried to recreate the scenario, it could be good
A Placeholder in the Two lines woud be nice.
these are empty lines that cause gaps, or something

Yeah, or it could be the issue of the long feature in the first column :thinking:

Since one of the features in the first column is really long (because of the bullet points), it ‘brings’ the gap to other columns in order to keep these features in line.

Unfortunately, such behaviour can be fixed through CSS code only now, and I’ll be happy to help if this is the case :slight_smile: