How to display widgets only in Google

Ever wondered if you can show your widgets only on Google? It’s possible with Google Tag Manager!

All you need to do is just follow these steps:

Choose Triggers section in your workspace panel and click on New

Select DOM Ready → Some DOM Ready Events → Referrer contains google

Then go back to the workspace panel, choose Tags and click New

Select Custom HTML in the Tag Configuration section

Replace the first line of your widget installation code with the script in the dropdown, paste it to the HTML field and save changes
  const platform = document.createElement("script");
  platform.src = "";
  platform.defer = true;
  platform.setAttribute('data-use-service-core', "");

In the Triggering section, choose Dome Ready and save changes

The final step is to push changes to your website by clicking on the Submit button

Guys, was this tutorial helpful? Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and questions in the comments below - we are all ears :slightly_smiling_face: