How to change Font Color in FAQ Accordion Block

To change font color in FAQ Accordion Block in Squarespace, you can change it in Site Styles. However in this post, I will share some CSS code.

Accordion Title
Use this code to Custom CSS box

/* Accordion Title Color */
span.accordion-item__title {
    color: #f1f !important;

Accordion Content

Use this CSS code

/* Accordion Content Color */
.accordion-item__description, .accordion-item__description * {
    color: #eeec;

Accordion Divider

Use CSS code

/* Accordion Divider Color */
div.accordion-divider {
    color: #f1f !important;

Accordion Plus/Minus
Accordion Plus:
Use CSS code

/* Plus */
.plus>div {
    background-color: #f1f !important;

Accordion Minus:

/* Minus */
[aria-expanded="true"] .plus>div {
    background-color: #000 !important;

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