How to change Button Color in Squarespace

In this post, I will guide you how to change button color (header button) in Squarespace.
With other buttons, the principle of implementation is the same, you just need to determine the button style you are using, and you can search for the option to change the color in Site Styles.

#1. First, access your edit mode
Suppose your site is:
You can add /config after to access edit mode, so the url will be:

#2. Next, click Edit on the top left of the site.

#3. Click Edit Site Header

#4. Click Header button and then click Edit icon


#5. On Design, You will see which style the button is using: Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary.

#6. Exit edit on the left and choose the Site Styles icon on the right of the Header

#7. At COLOR THEMES ON THIS PAGE, you choose one of the color themes

#8. Scroll down a bit at the Button, change the Primary Button Background and Primary Button Text color

#9. Finally, click Save on the left of the screen to change the Header button color