Hide date and time in popup

Thank you, Max, for your help!

It worked perfectly :slight_smile: Could you please tell me if there is a way to remove date and time from the pop-up page? And how could I change the function of the buttons?

Thank you once again for your time and support,

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Hi @user12173 :wave:

I see that my colleague Nataly has already provided you with this code to remove date and time from popup:

.eapp-events-calendar-popup-item-inner .eapp-events-calendar-tags-item,
.eapp-events-calendar-popup-item-inner .eapp-events-calendar-popup-item-time {
  display: none;

And what do you mean under changing the function of the buttons?

Hello, Max,

Thank you for your reply. I mean the buttons from the pop-up – “copy link” and "invite via emai"l. Is there a way to customize the buttons, so they are “purchase” and “read more” – the purchase button linking to a shop and the “read more” leading to another website – the official company’s website. And I need to remove “Share” since I don’t need it to be shared. Thank you!

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Will the Purchase and Read More links differ for all events, or you are going to use the same Purchase and Read More link for each event?

Yes, Max, they must be different indeed. Would that be possible and could I add the links later via Squarespace?

Thank you,

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I am sorry, but it’s impossible to change the button function this way :pensive:

Just in case you still need to customize the text of the buttons, you can do this in the Messages section on the Content tab:

To remove Share from the popup, just delete the Share text in the Messages section and hid its icon using this code:

.eapp-events-calendar-share-icon {
  display: none !important;

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, Max, for your help! :slight_smile: It worked perfectly :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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If anything else comes up, I am here to help :slightly_smiling_face: