Help me please)

Hello Helga, please tell me the Free image slider button will disappear only when I buy your plan?

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Hi @Pavel1, happy to see you on our forum, thanks for joining! :hugs:

You’re absolutely right, our free plan goes with the free logo, but upgrading your subscription will remove it right away :slight_smile:

If I can have one more question, please tell me if I have a subscription to a typedream, will Elfsight functions be active and free for me or do I still need to buy a plan for elfsight (so that all functions are open)?

You see, our widgets and service is a separate SaaS solution, and they do not depend on other subscriptions.

You’re welcome to use our widgets for free if you’re good with the limits on this plan, or upgrade your subscription for Elfsight directly :slight_smile:

And don’t hesitate to ask questions here, I’m always happy to help!

Hello Helga) Tell me, please, are your plans bought for a month or forever?

Hey Pavel!

We provide two types of subscriptions: monthly and annual. You’re welcome to choose either each month payment, or each year :slight_smile:

If we buy a Pro pan for one month to place several vidgets on the typedream website we’re creating, will the vidgets still work on our website after the subscription times out?

Our subscriptions are auto-renewable, meaning that they will be renewed automatically as soon as one month is over.

But if you need a paid subscription only for a month, you can cancel it right after subscribing. In this case, you will be able to use your subscription till the end of a paid period. As soon as the paid period is over, your subscription will be automatically downgraded to the free Lite plan.

Even on free Lite plan all your widgets will work fine on your website, although the free logo will be back :slight_smile: