Google Reviews "More" Button

On Google Reviews, if you select “All”, there is a “More” button. If you select a specific number of reviews to promote, then it does not include a “More” button. The “More” button should be available for inclusion for all (the choice to include a “more” button). The app looks tidier with 6 to 10 reviews, but for visitors who want to read reviews, they should have access to “More.”

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If I understand you correctly, you mean the number of posts to display. If you select all, a Load More button is displayed. However, if you choose a specific number of posts to display, the Load More button appears as well.

For instance, the Load More button in your widget appears if you choose 10 reviews to display and more:

With the less number of reviews, it’s just unnecessary, as the reviews are displayed in a neat way.

I guess I could misunderstand you. In this case, would you mind providing more details? A screenshot of what you mean would be highly appreciated