Getting Started with Vimeo widget

Where do I find basic documentation to get started using the Vimeo wideget? Is it just me? - it seems like there is a total absence of documenttion for anything.
Thanks - Michael

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Hello @user2227! That’s a great pleasure to see you with us! Welcome to Elfsight Community :wave: :heart_hands:

Unfortunately, we don’t have an article describing how to get started with Vimeo Gallery widget. I am so sorry :pensive:

However, I’ll be happy to provide you with some guidance:

  1. In the Content tab you need to connect the widget to your Vimeo account:

  1. You can choose Grid, Playlist or Slider layout in the Layout tab.

Layout settings field allows you to choose the number of colors, rows and space between videos:

Here you can also set the mobile behavior and layout pagination of the widget:

In the Layout tab, you can also choose Header settings, Video Settings and Gallery width:

In the Header settings section, you can show or hide a header and choose elements you’d like to display:

In the Video settings section, you can choose video elements you’d like to display:


  1. Playback tab gives you an option to choose how to play video.

In the Player settings you can choose player elements to display:

Here you can also choose an action when video finishes (Play Next Video, Replay Video or None) and enable Autoplay if needed:

  1. In the Style tab you can select the Background, Text and Accent colors:

Custom CSS field gives you an option to make some additional customization with the help of CSS codes:


If any other questions come up, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help :wink: