Form Builder: [Major update] Introducing template selection with categories 🔥

What a fantastic update, guys!

Form Builder is now the first app where we introduced template selection with categories :rocket:

What’s inside the update?

  • The templates are displayed in a slider format, showcasing four templates on each slide and making it easier to look through the templates

  • On the first page, we placed the most popular templates

  • Under the slider, you can find the current and total number of templates being viewed

  • Also, we’ve added a list of template categories with the number of templates in each category. You can navigate directly to specific categories, such as Contact Forms, for relevant options

  • Within each category, there is a category-specific slider and a list of other categories. Additionally, a new “All Templates” option on category pages leads back to the initial template

  • To navigate backward through categories, use Back button in the header

Have you tested the new functionality? Drop your thoughts in the comments—we’re all ears :wink: