Facebook Feed Through Facebook account not pages

Hi Team,

Is there any option into get the Facebook feed into Facebook account directly not Facebook pages.

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@Adaequare_Info_Pvt_L Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

Am I right that you’d love to connect your Facebook account and display the content from it instead of Facebook pages?

I need to be able to access and have my Facebook profile enabled for the FACEBOOK FEED widget. I am not interested in sharing anything from my pages, as I want to install this widget on my personal website. However, when I connect with my FACEBOOK PROFILE, it only allows me to CONNECT THE FEED FROM THE PAGES I OWN, and that does not work for me at all. I hope to have a response soon.

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Hey there @JUAN_MIGUEL_DEL_CAST and welcome to the Community :wave:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Yeah, currently it’s possible to display the content from the Facebook business pages only. I am really sorry!

We already have a similar idea in the Wishlist, and I’ve moved your comment there too. If it gets more votes, we’ll try to think this opportunity over :slightly_smiling_face: