Enable Ecommerce or Add to Cart Links or Buttons

Happy to! The Restaurant Menus are Great!!!

The only thing that I see missing is the ability for visitors to be able to purchase the items being shown.

My company provides ecommerce for the largest food and beverage groups in the world. We run their ecommerce and their total GMV exceeds $1Billion.

We believe that if we used your system, we would radically increase the rate of adoption of new restaurants. Their bottleneck is the time it takes to load their menus, foods and drinks.

But we need you to enabling ecommerce to your App.

Architecturally, it may be a simple thing to do this, as our Cart accepts a SKU with a Quantity parameter.

All we need from you is to enable a few simple fields to the Menu Item:

  1. A link for adding the item to cart
  2. The SKU
  3. The Qty (this is Optional, but a nice to have)

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about my request.

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Thank you for adding your request and for all these details provided!

We are really grateful for all the ideas you share with us here and we try our best to consider them all for our future updates.

We do believe we will have this very option in our widget one day :slight_smile:

And if you come up with any other additional suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave them here in the comments.

Thank you so much!

Original comment transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

I want to be able to use dynamic prices for the list also an add to cart icon with a quantity selector.