Elfsight is G2.com Summer Leader! 🚀

We’re psyched to get new badges and tell you, our lovely users, about this achievement!

You know how pivotal your feedback is, and we’re beyond happy to get more and more warm words about our service on our G2 page.

To make the picture more transparent, this is what we’ve awarded:

  • Momentum Leader — Elfsight ranks in the top 25% of its category’s products by their users.
  • Leader — we have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores globally.
  • Best Relationship — we’ve got the highest Relationship rating in our category.
  • Top 50 Commerce Products — bases on the analysis of the product’s Satisfaction and Market Presence scores within the category.

These rewards are not just badges, they are evidence of your love and appreciation :heart:

Thanks a million to @all! :heart_eyes: