Deliver form response to different email ID based on option selected

Introduce the ability to choose a different recipient email address, based on the option selected in the radio button?
This helps when you have different teams handling different type of queries.
For example
I have a radio button to choose
A. Customer Support (When customers choose this option, mail should be sent to ( )
B. Sale Queries/Quotes. (When customers choose this option, mail should be sent to ( )

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Would be great to have the ability to chose on contact forms.
from a dropdown menu, where do we want to receive the email notification.

for example:

create a dropdown menu



And be able to assig each of these names to a different email
(the mail in wich we receive the notification of a new contact).

Would be great to have this option.
It helps when managing different areas in bussines to not get ALL the mail in just one INBOX

Hope You can look into this option
Great work team!


Hi @christopher4, thanks a lot for joining us and for sharing your idea!

I do love your suggestion, and I also think it would be a great improvement to our Contact Form app :slight_smile:

I’ve merged your suggestion to another similar one, and we’ll try to consider this request for our future updates.

Thanks a lot for helping us!