Cut-off social links showing in upper left hand corner

We are using Elfsight as a dashboard to display videos. It looks like there are cut-off social media icons in the upper lefthand corner of the dashboard that appear on hover. How can we turn that off? It looks weird

Here’s a photo showing what I am referring to:

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Hi @user3638

We are absolutely delighted you’ve decided to align with us! Welcome :tada:

This image you’ve reported is the information panel. You’re the only person who can see it, and you can only see it when you’re logged in to your Elfsight account. It’s displayed for you as the account owner.

When you log out of the account, you won’t see this panel again, and your website visitors never ever see it at all.

You can check the widget on your website in incognito mode to make sure that no one else can see it.

This being said, here is the special article about it - Why I see a panel above my widget

Please let me know if it explains things and if you have any other questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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