Customize Dates Shown

Where it says in top left for example “Feb 14 - Feb 18” I would like to be able to do two things:

  1. Not show the end date and just show the start date, i.e. “Feb 14”
  2. Override the whole date for example so I can say “All Week”, or “Ongoing”, etc.
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Hi @Neil_Collier :wave:

Unfortunately, there is no option to replace the date with the custom text. However, you can hide the end date in the event card with the help of this CSS code:

.eapp-events-calendar-date-element-endContainer {
  display: none;

Just add this code to the Custom CSS field on the Appearance tab of your widget’s settings and let me know if it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! Is there some reference on all the CSS we can customize?

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Glad to tell you that we have a CSS Codes category where you can find the most popular codes for different apps (including Event Calendar). Feel free to check it out - Event Calendar - Elfsight Community