Cumulative time based pop-up across whole site (on website trigger)

Allow time-based triggered pop-ups to fire once the visitor spends a specified amount of time on the entire website. A plus point if you can measure the time cumulatively such as if the user spends 2 minutes today and 3 minutes tomorrow, a pop-up would fire with a 5 minute trigger. Another plus point if your reveal the html code of the pop-up while embedding so that we can add dynamic text placeholders to it.

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@user3042 thanks a lot for your suggestion and all the details provided!

I love your idea and the on website trigger, I hope we’ll be able to think about it in our future updates.

By the way, I’ve opened a separate request for your second idea with dynamic text so that it was not lost, you can check it out here: Dynamic text placeholders.

Many thanks for your help and welcome to the Elfsight community! :raised_hands:t2: