CSS Classes for Pop-up Widget

I want to add custom css to the pop-up widget. I want to change the font i already integrated to my website. On my website the font is locally installed.

Do you have a css-class for the pop-up?

Thank you


Hi @Luca_Hogy :wave:

If you’d like to change the font of all elements, please use this code and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

.global-styles, [class^='Block__BaseBlock'] {
	font-family: Calibri !important;

It worked! Good Job Max. Thanks for the quick Support :slight_smile:


It’s my pleasure :wink:

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Found this solution, but we still need the CSS classes, please! …Simply so no one else has to go on an epic hair-pulling fest trying to figure it out until I get to the point of giving up and putting in a Feature Request… only to find this solution.

This Forum isn’t accessible from the Widget, so I never made it here sooner!

Add the classes, please OR allow me to add code with the Code feature on the Text elements < > (you can edit it all you want yet as soon as you click out and come back, everything is gone) OR have all the Google Fonts available. Any of these would solve the problem.

This is an issue because I’m using Carrd: the “Apply from site” doesn’t work for the fonts.

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@Kate4 I totally understand your frustration, and I’m so sorry that we don’t provide CSS classes at the moment :frowning:

I know that our devs are thinking in this direction and are planning on adding classes gradually. I’ve also passed your comment over to them to highlight the importance of this task.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, Kate! Your comment has been insightful in several aspects, so your help is greatly appreciated :raised_hands:t2: