Checkbox widget

looking for a CHECKBOX WIDGET

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Hi @SzGastro :wave:

Thanks a lot for adding your idea to the Wishlist!

Could you please describe how you are going to use this app? How many options will be available in the checkbox? Should the checkbox allow multiple selections or only one selection at a time? Do you have an example of a similar app?

Any details would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi - yes - by all mean!

I personally merely need 4 criteria to be acknowledged before proceeding to a restaurant booking app. That would men the guests have to acknowledge that they have read (and agreed to) the criteria before the page allows them to proceed

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Do I understand correctly that after checking all 4 boxes, users should be automatically redirected to the required page? Or they should click Agree/Disagree buttons additionally?

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There would not be any further need to agree to any more stipulations. After checking the boxes they would either automatically be directed to the reservation page or click on a button that would direct them to the reservation page


Got it, thanks!

I can’t promise that we’ll definitely release such an app, but we’ll try to think this opportunity over in the future updates.

I’ll keep you in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

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Much obliged :pray: :pray: thank you for getting back to me!

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Hi there @SzGastro :wave:

I’ve double-checked your case and it seems that our Popup app should be the right option for you.

To transform the Popup widget into Checkbox, please follow these steps:

Add the Form block on the Builder tab

Add 4 Consent fields and make them required


Click on the Submit Button section.

Choose Redirect to URL option and set the link where you'd like to redirect users


Voila, you’ve got a Checkbox widget from the Popup app!

Check it out and let me know if this workaround meets your case :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Max - wow that has been a great help. I have completed a form and am quite happy with the result.
I have one query tho:
is there any chance I can move the popup down so that the heading is visible?
You can view it here:


Amazing! Happy to hear that this solution worked for you :wink:

To adjust the widget’s position, you can just change the layout:

In case you’d prefer to have an embedded form instead of the floating one, our Form Builder or Contact Form should be just the thing for you.

Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face: