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    How do I change the font type for my Instagram feed where it says, “Follow us on Instagram”?
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You can add this code to CSS tab

div.eapps-instagram-feed-title {
    font-size: 30px;
    font-family: Arial;

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Hi @Asit_Aithal :wave:

Tuanphan is right and his code works great! However, we also have a solution from our devs with the more up-to-date classes:

.es-widget-title {
  font-family: Calibri !important;

Please add one of the codes to the Custom CSS field on the Style tab and let me know how it works :wink:

By the way, we have a CSS codes category, where you can find the most popular codes for different apps (including Instagram Feed) - CSS Codes - Elfsight Community.

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