Change chat bubble size

We’d like to have ability to set chat button size in the widget editor. Currently it’s only possible with CSS code:

.global-styles, [class^='FloatingButton__FloatingButtonContainer-sc'] {
    transform: scale(0.8)


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Thanks for this custom code!!! I don’t mind doing it in the CSS panel for now, although it brings the question of why there are no settings for it in the app, as the other button (app just called Button) has more styling options. So it should not be difficult to bring them into this menu too!

I was already trying to find the selector to do more customising and came as far as finding FloatingButton__FloatingButtonContainer with the inspect tool, but could not get it working. Then I was already thinking… should I AGAIN bother support to ask for the exact selector, as I have bothered them with the same question for a few apps now. Once I have the selector, I can address the changes myself. Now that you are sharing this code, my problem should be solved! I will now be able to style it identically to my other button, give it an identical background, border, and box-shadow! Hope this selector will allow me to add these codes!

Which brings up another idea: why would not every CSS panel already be prepopulated with the selector for that specific app? Would save support a lot of help requests!

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