Be able to add large zip files

We need to add downloadable press-bundles on the site. this is zip-files with HR-images and similar. These can be quite large 400MB, would be great to be able to do this.

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Original comment from Ian transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your comment!

I’m really sorry that we haven’t implemented zip-files support yet. We realize that it would simplify things a lot and we’ll do our best to consider this feature request.

Thank you for your help and for your understanding!

Can we please have support for uploading zip files? Our files come in printer friendly and regular versions. It would be nice for the customer to be able to download both at once and not have to do it individually.

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Hi @AxR :wave:

I absolutely agree that zip files support is something that should be added to our app!

We already have a similar request in our Wishlist and I’ve moved your comment there too. I’ll keep you in the loop here :slightly_smiling_face:

A huge thank you for pointing us in this direction!