Audio Player & Firefox Bug

This is my third attempt at securing an answer as to how to fix your audio player that does NOT work AT ALL in Firefox. I have been at a complete standstill on a client website who is a Native American musician. I relied HEAVILY on your audio player that now appears I may have to completely replace with a working solution. Can you once and for all tell me how to make this thing work in Firefox AND some Safari browsers???

Hi Patrick, I’m so sorry that you’re having issues with our Audio Player widget!

I see that you also opened a support ticket and my colleague Eleonora has already started working on your request. I hope everything will be sorted soon :pray:t2:

Audio Player Does Not Work In Firefox? I have created dozens and dozens of these Elfsight audio players for a client and yesterday I found out that NONE of them work in Firefox. They do work perfectly in Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it? It’s in a new Joomla 4 website and I have nothing else on these pages to create script conflicts that I can see or know of. Any help is gratefully appreciated!

You know what would be nice? If someone at Elfsight actually looked into my issue that has been reported to you three times over 5 days, and yet no one has bothered to answer this VERY problematic issue. That is that I paid $60 for a subscription to one of your apps that does NOT work in the #2 browser in the world, and there is absolutely NO respone from Elfsight!!!

Dear Patrick, I totally feel your pain and I’m immensely sorry for this experience you’ve had with us!

It’s sad to admit but this time we really were not there when you most needed us, and I cannot apologize enough for this.

I’ve been in contact with Eleonora and found out that our devs have already started working on the issue you had encountered, we’ve also marked it as an urgent case. We’ll make every endeavour to deliver the fix in the shortest possible time, as we realize how disappointing all the situation looks for you.

We’ll keep you updated on how things go, and I do believe we’ll resolve the issue shortly.

Once again, I’m so very sorry for all the trouble :pray:t2:

It amazes me that Elfsight knowingly released a product that does not work in Firefox, and still no answer as to if you can fix this, or whether we should scrap 3 weeks worth of work using your audio player and recode with something else! Thanks for leaving me totally in the dark for over a week Elfsight!

Dear Patrick,

I cannot apologize enough for our widget and service giving you a hard time. Unfortunately, we’re having a great influx of emails these days, that’s why the response time could increase, unfortunately.

I assure you that our dev team are working on the issue you had to encounter as we speak, and I’m sure they will come up with the best solution possible.

I totally understand how you feel given that these widgets were installed on your clients’ websites, and we do have this in mind. We’re making every endeavour to provide the fix in the shortest possible time and make all the widgets work as they are supposed to.

My colleague Eleonora will keep you in the loop in your support ticket on how things are going, and I do believe we’ll find a solution shortly.

Please receive my most sincere apologies for this matter and know that we’re looking into the issue.

I’m about to let the social media world know about Elfsight’s “development” team! This is absolutely amateurish behavior by your company releasing a product that you KNOW is buggy THE charging customers for it!

Shame on Elfsight! I will never trust you again and will stop using you!

~One Pissed off EX customer!