Any user threads widgets?

I want to allow my visitors and members on my site themselfves be able to post new threads. Etc, Being able to upload videos or images

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@T0xin welcome to the community, and thank you for the question! :tada:

Am I right that you mean a forum or something along the lines? We have a Forum widget in our Coming Soon project - although it’s not something we are going to release in the near future, we still do keep this one in mind.

Or did you mean something else? :slight_smile:

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Not a forum. Like a thread. Like this one, Users can themselfves upload new posts, images or videos. and write text. And other users can comment and discuss in that post/thread

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I guess a creating threads option is a part of forum conception somehow or other, since threads cannot exist by themselves. And a forum would definitely let your website visitors open new threads, leave comments and other attachments :slight_smile:

However, if you have an example of such a widget, we’ll be happy to have a look!