All-in-One Chat bubble customization

Hi Max,
it’s all in there and works a dream!
I only had to change the oval shape of the chat button to a radius 12px, so changed the border code to
border-color: #ee9c1d!important; border-width: 2px !important; border-style: solid !important;
border-radius: 12px!important;
but that was easy peasy! I tinkered a little with both buttons to get all the distances and sizes equal, so one is on scale 0.96 and the other on 0.9, and I had to give the chat-bubble icon a negative margin left and top as it pushed over the text and sat too low. But I think they are now exactly matching (one has 2px more margin-bottom than the other to get the same result). A very neat trio! I’d wish I had everything for my new website for Reflections Webdesign & Marketing as ready as the buttons :joy:
Thanks again!