Add support for all Amazon and Ebay sites outside of the USA

We list on 8 Amazon websites in different countries and 3 Ebay sites, our main sites are the ones in the UK where we have the most feedback, but we cannot use the URL from the UK versions of the website only the USA version.

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Thank you for adding this request!

I’m happy to let you know that we’ve just added more domains support for Amazon, including UK!

Feel welcome to test the widget out with the sources you’d wanted to display :slight_smile:

And don’t hesitate to share your feedback here!

Voted for this too, but also wanted to add another consideration:
Currently in ‘eBay Reviews’ and ‘All-in-one Reviews’, since the eBay source only supports the .com url, this also means that hyperlinks to the source are also .com, this results in customers in Australia for example, being sent to the US eBay… so then they click the ‘view store’ button to browse produts for example, they see a message ‘no products are offered for your location’.

A possible fix might be to add an option to the widget for the hyperlink url, so the scraping doesn’t have to change, but the frontend hyperlinks would at least be accurate.

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Sounds like a decent solution, @Andrew_Cattarin, thanks a lot for sharing!

I’m going to send it to the devs, too! :+1:t2: