Add location functionality to team showcase

Tricky one this, but I’d love to see this widget have the location search used on your maps widget.

Would be great to have teams showcase as is currently but with the option to allow users to search by city/postcode and remove the map div.

  1. add coordinates to team members backend
  2. add the search function at top of team members panel
  3. When a user searches frontend, for example London it then displays nearest to furthest or even filter a set number (maybe 3 closest team members)

Long shot I know but very useful.

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Hey @Gary_Brett :wave:

This idea is truly great, but I’m not sure that we’ll be able to release such a complex use case. However, we’ll try to consider such an opportunity in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for sharing your idea with us!

Thanks Max, it is a tough one but thought I’d ask anyway. Seems the map widget is almost there, just need to replace the map with the team widget. Easy :rofl:

Or maybe display the map search results horizontally in rows and columns and hid the map. Actually, I’m going to have a go at that with CSS :running_man:

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Hi again, something this plugin, its a normal Google maps locator which hides the map to display locations horizontally - Locator List Template - Agile Store Locator WordPress Plugin

if we can change the maps widget to display like this would be amazing?

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Hi @Gary_Brett :wave:

This is a truly great idea, but, unfortunately, there is no option to customize the widget this way now. I am really sorry!

Anyway, we’ll try to take your suggestions under consideration in our future enhancements.

Your input is highly appreciated, thank you so much!